Water Garden Blue & White Sapphire 14k RGP Bracelet.  25 flowers made of 125 stones.  theirishgem.com

Water Garden Blue & White Sapphire White Gold Bracelet

The Irish Gem

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Romantic & Gorgeous 14K White RGP, Lab-created Blue & White Sapphire bracelet.  The bracelet is made of 65 round white sapphires and 60 round blue sapphires. Openwork on the bridge of each setting gives the bracelet an airy feel.  Romantic present for a florist or gardener or nature lover or any woman who loves flowers!

125 total stones = 25 flowers
~Metal : Rhodium coated, 14K White Rolled Gold (100 times more gold than regular gold plating)

~Face Height: approx. 6 mm

~Lab-created Blue Sapphires - Rounds - approx. 3 mm each   

~Lab-created White Sapphires - Rounds - approx. 3 mm each        

~Setting: 4 prongs on middle stones & 1 prong on the surrounding stones of each flower.

~ SIZE: 7.5"

Comes in a free gift box. 

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