Dainty Crescent Moon & Star Necklace

Dainty Crescent Moon & Star Necklace

The Irish Gem

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Dainty and adorable Moon & Star sterling silver pendant.

The symbol of a crescent moon and star has been used since antiquity. The Greeks used it to represent the goddess Diana, the Carthaginians used it to represent their goddess Tanit. The symbol has been used by cities and to commemorate battles. It has been imprinted on coins, flown on flags, and approximately one thousand years ago, it was painted on the ceiling of a rock canyon in the American southwest.

~Metal:  .925 Sterling Silver  

~Size:  Approx. 15 mm in height

Silver Chain included with purchase just pick your size

~1 mm Rolo Chain available in 18", 20" or 22".  .

Comes in a free gift box.


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