Sterling Silver Celtic Witches' Knot Necklace.  Gorgeous!  Feminist necklace.  Woman Power.

Celtic Witches' Knot Necklace

The Irish Gem

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Cool & beautiful Celtic Witches' Knot (aka Magic Knot) necklace.  Believed to protect against evil witchcraft and intentions. This symbol goes back to medieval times.

The design is made of 4 interlaced vesica piscis.  Vesica Piscis is a symbol for the yoni, the feminine creative force that gave birth to the universe.  The interlacing of the vesica represents the feminine control of nature the the circle represents the feminine sacred space.  The knot is surrounded by Celtic knots representing sisterhood.

~Metal:  .925 Sterling Silver  

~Size:  Approx. 22 mm in height

Silver Chain included with purchase just pick your size:

1 mm Rolo Chain available in 18", 20" or 22".  

Comes in a free gift box.

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